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What will happen if the sea water dries up?

Today’s post is a bit fictitious, so I hope you read it in a fictional way. But we will try to know with the theory of science even if it is imaginary. What would happen if all the water in the world’s oceans dried up in an instant? What if we could use a mysterious portal to dry up all the oceans on Earth? How long can it take to dry this huge mass of water? Could it take years or decades or millions of years? So the same animal could survive on Earth, but what if it happened overnight?


About 70% of the earth’s surface is occupied by oceans, but can you imagine how much water that means? If you start filling all this water in an Olympic pool. So you need 535,200,000,000,000 Olympic size swimming pools. If we opened a portal the size of a basketball court, it would take millions of years for the sea water to dry up. But what if we could invent that imaginary bomb? Which can dry all the sea water in a few seconds or a few hours.

Coastal sailors and cruise ship passengers swimming in the ocean will quickly understand this ephemeral. In a few seconds, those who swam in the coastal zone or those who drove the boat or boat would be under the sea. If a ship as big as the Titanic is in the middle of the ocean, it will take 30 seconds for her to fall from the top to the bottom of the ocean. And after the collision you realize that the ship is going to break. The same thing happens to all the big boats in the sea of ​​fish in the first minute.

What happens to marine animals?

So let’s see what can happen to sea creatures, I think you should understand what can happen to them, in a moment all the fish in the sea will die and fall to the bottom of the sea as rain. Because all the animals that float on the surface of the sea will fall to the bottom of the sea after the sea water dries up. But all marine animals that live at the bottom of the sea can be lost with water currents. After all these initial results we are going to discuss the real problem that we have to face.

Sea ​​Temperature

Our oceans do two main things to support life on Earth: First, they maintain ocean temperature and spread it around the Earth through ocean currents. As a result, the earth’s temperature is more or less under control: nowhere gets too cold and nowhere gets too hot.

The water cycle in the ocean is regulated.

The water cycle is controlled by the second ocean. The heat of the sun evaporates the surface water of the sea and mixes with the atmospheric air. And then you know it falls back to earth as rain. The moment the sea disappears from the land, the land will become a desert. If you have an umbrella at home, it will not be necessary. Because there will be no chance of rain. But the umbrella can be useful to you to escape the heat of the sun.

Lakes and rivers

But even if the sea dries up, there will still be many great lakes and rivers on earth. Can they save us? But wait, without the sea there wouldn’t be 97 percent water on earth. And the water in lakes and rivers is not enough to survive. Drinking water will evaporate very quickly and in a matter of days people and all animals will die of dehydration due to lack of water.

Trees and forests

Plants and forests can take weeks to die. Within a few months, the forests and bushes will be converted to dry fuel. After that, as a result of small and large fires, all these things will start to burn. Within a year or so, all the world’s forests will burn. And as a result of fire, the amount of oxygen in the earth will continue to decrease. Because you know that something needs oxygen to burn, as a result, the amount of carbon dioxide will start to increase.

If any human being lives until now. Then they will feel that the Earth’s atmosphere is no longer fit for breathing. And all the animals will die due to the intense heat of the sun. Earth will become like Venus. Therefore, it is our responsibility to control water pollution and water waste. Each element of nature is essential for us when we have the title of the best animal in the world so it is our responsibility to protect it on earth.

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