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Ways to improve your intelligence or IQ level

You can follow the following ways

  • Exercise regularly. Do both indoor and outdoor exercises simultaneously. Also, run for 10 minutes every day if you can. Cycle regularly. As the body will be healthy, brain performance will increase.
  • Eat nutritious food regularly. Eat two bananas regularly if possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ Avoid spicy food or fast food as much as possible. Drink more water. Eat yogurt or glucose regularly. These foods are directly related to the brain.
  • Do regular meditation for 1 hour. Then see where your IQ level is. And think of yourself while meditating. Find your faults. Keep your patience alive.
  • Read more books. Sharpen your imagination. You will see that the IQ has automatically increased.
  • And must sleep for 8 hours regularly. Sleep more than 1 hour if possible. There is no harm in it. You can’t sleep less.

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