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Those working in the company should never do 4 things

  1. Never leave a job in anger, it will cause ultimate damage to you. In such a situation, take leave from office on any pretext, give yourself time, talk to yourself, be alone. Sit in a park or some quiet place and eat almonds or jhalmuri. And think that you or your family lives on the money of this job. Even these nuts can be eaten. No matter how many friends you have, they will not give you the salary at the end of the month. Hope you have a cool head. If not, say a very bitter truth?

Vacancies fill up quickly, as there is no shortage of crows in this town to scatter rice.

  1. Never sit in the office and do not criticize the office. If you don’t like it, find a job and leave the current job. This office pays you monthly. So morally you cannot do these things.
  2. Never do/say anything that hurts the owner’s ego. No matter how big your post is, you are an employee at the end of the day. The owner is the owner. Be it a tea shop or a company. But then no H. And. Employers do not comply with policies or labor laws. He is not obliged to accept.
  1. Never go after another colleague for your own little advantage/profit, do not harm. Remember that the hole you dig for today, you will fall into a bigger hole tomorrow.

This is the law of nature.

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