The best way to quit laziness and become active

No man is lazy. Everyone is very hardworking, the difference is in the work of choice.

  • The lazy man, doesn’t want to leave the blanket on a winter night to lock the gate. But standing next to that gate can smoke a cigarette for 5-10 minutes.
  • The lazy man, does not want to wait half an hour for the bus. But in that same place, the girlfriend can wait for three hours.
  • The lazy boy does not want to listen to sir’s lecture in class for 30 minutes. But, one can stay silent for 2-3 hours, staring at the movie screen.
  • The lazy girl doesn’t want to buy the right colored pencils for drawing class. But for the whole day you can look for lipsticks in between green and red.
  • Even if the lazy boy is forced, he does not want to lift the 12 kg gas cylinder. That boy dreams that he will be able to lift the 60 kg girl next door with both hands.

No one is lazy. People do what they like. If work is not liked, laziness does. If you are lazy, it only means – you don’t like the work. There are two solutions.

  • Love the job
  • Preferably do any other work

It is very difficult to force a choice. But doing this hard work will change your life.

The simple way is, do what you like. Borrowed dialogue is – Make the work you enjoy, your career. Then work will not feel like work, it will feel like play.

Make a hobby a career. Make work as easy as play. Laziness will not stand in your way.

There may be questions here. What is the profession of choice? Does it bring money?

Do you know Mokhles? Engineers design buildings. Do you know Bilkis? Doctors, operate every month. Do you know Mofiz? Teacher, teaches at university. Do you know Rukhsana? Lawyers, fought cases in court. Do you know Subrata? Software designer.

You don’t know any of them, right?

Shakib likes to play cricket, do you know him? Sabina Yasmin likes to sing, do you know her? Mosharraf Karim likes to act, do you know him? Humayun Ahmed liked to write stories, do you know him?

You only know those who have made a hobby a career.

Updated: November 28, 2022 — 9:39 am

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