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The best sites to read PDF books

In today’s modern world, people prefer “PDF e-book“ instead of reading paper books.

PDF e-book is a “digital document” created by pdf file extension, which you can read and use on your smartphone or computer.

There are many of you who like to read books online and in this case want to download some Bengali PDF books.

In fact, there are many websites to download “Bangla PDF (PDF) books” on the internet.

However, some of them allow you to download pdf books by charging you money. In this case, I am going to give you a list of 8 websites through which you can download pdf books absolutely free. The real fun of reading books is paper books. by reading

However, through mobile or tablet through pdf document, we can get various books on different subjects from the internet.

Moreover, reading books can be enjoyed easily and from anywhere through mobile.

So, check out these 8 websites below, from which you can download any type of pdf book.

  1. Google search

The first and best website is “Google”. Because, from here you can get any kind of book and in any language.

However, for this you have to go to Google search engine.

Go to Google search, enter the name of your favorite book and search by typing “filetype:pdf” at the end.

Now, for typing filetype:pdf, only pdf files of the book or sentence you searched for will be shown.

And, 90% people are finding their favorite PDF books this way through Google search.

  1. pdf only)

This is the best and best website to download Bengali PDF books for free. Here you will get PDF books on various subjects.

For example, Bangla Story Books, Bangla Onubad Boi, Horror books, Teenagers Books, Indian Writer books, Bangladeshi Writer books and many other topics will be available.

Honestly, you won’t need to go to any other website after coming to this website.

Because, you will find all kinds of books from A to Z here.

Here, you don’t need to create an account to download PDF e-books.

Simply, click on your favorite PDF book and then you can see the next page.

Get each PDF very easily.

  1. pdf only)

This website to download PDF is amazing. Because, through this website we can download any type of pdf e-book for free.

Here you can also see books on various topics such as series bangla books, books by different writers, horror and other books.

This entire website is free and you can download and use any “bangla e-book” on your computer and mobile with just a few clicks.

Every day new books are added to this “Bangla PDF Boy Website”. – (only Bengali e-books)

To be specific about this website, here you will find books of various Bengali authors. For example, Humayun Ahmed, Sunil Gangopadhay, Buddhadeb Guha, Samaresh Majumdar, Qazi Anwar Hussain and many more.

Also, you will find books translated into Bengali by popular English authors here.

Also, other genre topics like horror, comedy etc. PDF books are not listed here.

However, if you are looking for books by writers, here is the complete A to Z list of books written by writers.

Moreover, using the search bar on the website, you can search any PDF e-book.

  1. – (Only Bengali)

This is a very good website to download pdf e-books of Bengali books. There is no specific category or subject, however, you will find all kinds of books together.

You will see many books starting from the first page.

Not only Bengali stories, you will find many types of Bengali e-books here.

Like, guitar learning books, biographies, Bengali story books, stories, piano learning courses and many more.

To download PDF Bangla book, just click on your choice.

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