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Psychological facts about girls’ behavior and body

Girls are very brave and you will be in danger if you argue with them. They do not remember fear.

They can tell by looking down on girls if you think they’re not seeing anything.

Be careful while talking to girls because they can read your mind. It is better to speak the truth.

Many people say that girls are emotional, which is not entirely true.

Girls are not afraid of only one thing they are afraid of their appearance.

Avoid helping girls on the way, because if you help them, they will think you are low quality (no personality) (85% of girls not all girls). I am not writing the reason.

If you love girls they will never hate you. Although he can never love you. They will always believe you.

They care more about friends than lovers. Because they know that lovers have fallen into a trap.

1 thought on “Psychological facts about girls’ behavior and body”

  1. Your psychological knowledge about women is so lower level, please tell me where you women researcher? I will not praise you, I will not criticize you!!! This is one of the most serious racial problems of your men, by observing a small number of women, they discovered the lab certificate of the entire female race, which is highly inconsiderate and ridiculous, while you are the ones who have demeaned the female race from the beginning and called women “Jilapi’s patch”. Isn’t that a very nice job, who is the Jillapi craftsman? Please consider it for a bit and then come to research on women. However, they will not get into their heads “dhers chara” and the day of reckoning is coming and now you will understand that at the end of the day, the one who has no wisdom at the age of nine will also have wisdom at the age of ninety. What? If you go and ask your mother first, that is the real laboratory for investigating the female race. “The group of fat people” and one more important thing is that you are the ones who first introduced what is called cheating, then when women do it, it is no longer tolerated. When women do it, they become demons, don’t they? You do millions of times more with women than this, it doesn’t show even once. If the mind is broken, the mind cannot be put back together. It is the biggest lie. What you do with girls and most men is not noticeable and when girls do something you can highlight it very well, this is a great quality of your male race. Please 🤗 stop these stupid thoughts and actions and if you can, instead of doing research on women, do some research on yourself and you can become a better “Jilapi Artisan”.

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