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What can be done with the help of Microsoft Word?

What can be done with the help of MS Word are:-

  • Any type of Document or Text Writing.
  • Type and print various letters, documents, questionnaires, Designed, Creation of different types of Project Profile,
  • Elaboration of various types of Drawings, Tables and Diagrams,
  • Various types of composition and typing,
    *Many other tasks are performed, including creating personal notes.

By default, a blank page will appear when you open the Microsoft Word file. And on this white page a point moves, this point is called the cursor. If you press any letter on the keyboard where this cursor is located, the typing will start from there. The cursor will move to the right as you type. This way, if the line fills up during typing, the cursor will automatically move to the bottom line. And if the line does not fill up, if you need to go down, press the Enter key on the keyboard.


DOC Search Engine

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Microsoft Word is word processing software develop by microsoft copmany. Writing type, drawing, project profile creation, small design, book creation, documents, questions, letters, as well as printing and official work can be done through this software. MS Word is very simple program that popular all over the world. This software is made by Microsoft Corporation of the United States, so it is called (Microsoft Word) or (MS Word).