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Convert PDF to Doc | How to convert PDF to Word file

PDF file can be converted in Word both online and offline. Today we will tell you about both its processes. So let’s know what is its method.

Often we get the necessary documents in PDF file format. The file gets compressed a lot in this format. Due to the light of the file, it can be easily moved anywhere. Most of the PDF file is used for our daily office or other files. But the biggest problem in this is that it cannot be edited. However, you can edit it by converting PDF file to WORD file. Now the question is how to convert it in word. So today we will give you the answer. Let’s know how to convert PDF file to Word file.

There is a very good website for converting files from PDF to DOC and the best thing about it is that it is free. If you want to convert more than one file from PDF to DOC, then you have to pay for it. If you want to convert a single file then it is absolutely free for you.

Yes I am talking…..iLovePDF | Online PDF tools for PDF lovers, I am using this site for last 3 years. very nice website.

To convert files in PDF se Doc, I will suggest you two websites where you can easily convert:-

How to convert PDF file to Word

  • To convert the file, first go to website.
  • Now go to the web page and click on PDF to Word option.
  • Here you have to click on choose file option.
  • Here a dialog box will appear. After this you have to go to the PDF file that you want to convert to Word and select it.
  • Once the file is uploaded, you need to tap on the ‘Convert’ button.
  • With the help of this website, your file will be converted from PDF to Word document.
  • After the file is converted, you have to click on download.
  • Now you can make any changes here according to your own.

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