Business Intelligence

Business intelligence systems combine operational data with analytical tools to present complex and competitive information to planners and decision makers. The objective is to improve the timing and quality of inputs to the decision process. Business intelligence is used to understand the capabilities available in the company; the state of the industry, market trends and future directions, technology and the regulatory environment in which the Company competes; and the actions of competitors and the effects of those actions. The growth of data warehouses as repositories, advances in data cleansing, increased hardware and software capabilities, and growth in web architecture combine to create a richer business intelligence environment than was previously available. Although business intelligence systems are widely used in industry, research on them is limited. This document, in addition to a tutorial, offers a BI framework and possible research topics The framework emphasizes the importance of unstructured data and discusses the need to develop BI tools for its acquisition, integration, cleaning, search, analysis and distribution. Additionally, this document explores a matrix for BI data types (structured vs. unstructured) and data sources (internal vs. external) for research.

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