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▌Here are the names of the websites that I am highlighting. I use them myself. Out of Syllabus includes- Psychology, Sociology, Science, Theology, Storytelling, Materialism all my studies. So you will find all kinds of books on these websites on every subject I have mentioned.

  1. My Book: (
    All of us who read books online or download PDFs (portable document files) know the name of this website. Here there are books in Bengali ‘out of syllabus’ covering more or less all subjects. Premium membership option is available on this site.
  2. Library: (
    It is also not less known, more than a thousand books are collected here,—
    • Novels,
    • Magazines,
    • Mystery magazine,
    • Books on Islamic subjects and many more, besides the special features of this web site, you are here—
    • Audio books,
    • Video messages and
    • Get the presentation of the book.
  3. BD E Books: (
    Humayun Ahmed, Zafar Iqbal and other popular authors’ books can be downloaded from this site. Books by popular writers of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India are available here. Apart from the popular authors of recent times, timeless books of late authors are also available here.
  4. Bangla Library: (
    Like all the others, this is also a free online book reading website, but here you will find the books in text form and not in page form like other sites. which you can copy and paste.
    Here you will find scriptures of different religions easily.
  5. Boibilas: (
    In this blog you will find books on—
    • Bangladesh Liberation War and Politics.
    • Books on rare historical events of the subcontinent.
    • Bengali books translated from Persian, Urdu, English and other languages.
    • Poetry.
    • Islamic literature.
    • Mystery thriller stories published in various serial episodes: essays, literature, etc., etc.
  6. Porag Education: (
    The special feature of this website is that—
    • Motivation (Motivation),
    • Self-development (Self Development), full of books and translations of international best-selling books written in different languages ​​can be easily found.
  7. Bangla Pustak: (
    On this site, the books are divided into completely different categories according to the type of book. For example –
    • Detective stories
    • Short story plays
    • Ghost stories
    • Love story
    • Travel stories
    • Mysterious
    • Laughter stories
    • Educational
    • Autobiography etc. etc.
  8. Story: Compilation: (
    This website is only for mystery-thriller stories. Here are the categories of books –
    • All Bengali Writers (Feluda, Byomkesh, Tenida etc.)
    • Translated mystery-adventure stories by foreign authors (Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter)
  9. Collection of Islamic Books: (
    Just reading the name of the website doesn’t say anything in detail. Here you will find all Islamic books written in Bengali. That too easily, because this site has a special feature for finding books. Here, the names of the books are arranged according to Bengali letters from “अ — दो — ह” so that book search is easy.

If you know more bangla book download website then share those website with us via below comment box.

Updated: November 28, 2022 — 9:39 am

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