10 Things You Should Never Do

  1. Do not tell anyone about your personal problems very easily. You may think that by telling the problems to others, you will get a solution, but it may not have the opposite effect.
  2. Never smoke or take drugs to keep up with the times or to prove yourself cool. Do this at your own risk.
  3. Don’t underestimate a person because of his race or skin color or religion! Everyone is human, you may not know that there are many good qualities in them.
  1. Don’t give knowledge to anyone if no one asks or wants to know. If possible, make it a habit to talk less.
  2. Don’t have to explain everything you do to people. If what you do is right, the work itself will explain it to people.
  1. To prove your love, never cut off your hands, put a rope around your neck, take poison, not eat rice at home in anger, or go to someone’s bed. Remember that true love does not come or be proven like this.
  2. Most importantly follow this, always give priority to career and love. If you don’t have a career, sitting on the sidewalk holding your loved one’s hand will definitely not look good. I have seen the loss of long years of love due to lack of money!
  1. Never touch your sister. Because you are not his abuser but one of his biggest refuge and place of trust.
  2. Never discuss your private matters on social media because you don’t even know who is watching or listening! Or what may be the effect of the future!
  3. Never get involved in an unnecessary argument with someone on social media or the Internet to prove yourself right! If you see such incidents, avoid and leave the comment section.
Updated: November 28, 2022 — 9:39 am

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