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Legal Disclaimer: PDF Search Engine does not host any files for download. We are not responsible for copyrighted content found on other websites.

Get Unlimited PDFs

If you often want to know more, be sure to bookmark this site so that whenever you want more in-depth information on a topic, you can search for a PDF.

I recommend to right click on the bookmarks bar and select “Add Bookmark”, then name it “PDF Search Engine“.

Safe to Download PDFs

Warning: The PDF search engine provides a layer of security when searching for PDF files because we alert you when you leave the site. As soon as you leave the site, check that you have downloaded a valid PDF.

Fast find PDFs

Not sure what else to read, check out our list of the most read PDF books of all time. These are all free in PDF and can be read on most e-readers. You can also download any PDF book or file from our website for free.

Stay Safe to Download PDFs

Warning: There are several ways that downloading PDF files can be insecure. Although most of them are exactly what you were looking for, you still need to keep an eye out. Malicious Internet scammers will offer a PDF file with the same name and author as a regular book, but they won’t find the original book. These features may contain embedded viruses or virus links.

The way these scammers trap you is by placing a “Download Now” button or other similar link on the first page of the PDF, so you think you just opened another website and clicked “Download,” but in reality the PDF is already open. . . And you probably clicked download because of a virus or other program with malicious intent.

The PDF search engine provides a layer of security when searching for PDF files because we alert you when you leave the site. As soon as you leave the site, check that you have downloaded a valid PDF.

“When Should I Search for PDFs?”

Whenever you want to learn something, learn about a hobby or field of study, or get more detailed content on a topic, this is the best place to find PDF files. You see, blog posts and web content are great for learning, but nothing beats an entire, comprehensive book on a topic. When researching a topic, you can often find e-books that cover the topic in much more detail than you would find in a blog post.

This is especially true in studies. For example, if you want to learn statistics, you probably won’t find many resources with a simple Google search. By comparison, you can find free textbooks when searching for PDF files.


“Can I use this PDF finder for download free books?”

Technically yes, some of the PDF files this search engine finds are books. If someone uploads a book to a public server and doesn’t exclude the PDF file type from indexing, Google will index that book and include it in pdfsarchengine. However, sometimes users upload files for which they do not have rights and want to distribute them. I am not a lawyer and cannot recommend your approach here.

Since we use a custom Google search to find PDF files, we are committed to what Google allows in its search engine. At least I must say that you should not distribute books that you find using this search engine for free, unless the book says otherwise or the author gives permission to do so.


“What other file types can I search?”

We didn’t stop at PDF. We have created a search engine for almost all large file types!

This list contains all the file type search engines we have created. This list includes other types of document searches, but we’ve also built search engines for spreadsheets (find datasets and lists completely free) and presentations (learn about anything in a visual format).



PDF Search Engine

With PDF Search Engine, you can search the entire web for all publicly available PDFs. That means if a website offers a .pdf download without a login or anything, you can access it through this search engine.

This custom search engine collects data from Google’s index, but filters it to display only PDF results.

You can click any result and get a .PDF file that you can read online or download instantly, or in some browsers, those PDFs will open in a new tab. If you use one of those browsers, but want to download the PDF immediately, just right click and select “Save Link As”.

I’ve been able to find a lot of free textbook PDFs using this search engine, so I’m quickly becoming an expert on subjects I’m interested in, including subjects I didn’t go to school for.